Automating EMS Best Practices

One of the challenges that corporate facility managers at retail stores face is how to instill energy management best practices that store managers consistently implement.  A case in point, during an energy audit of a store in understanding how the store was running we discovered that a local electrician had told the manager, “Don’t turn off the lights…they will last longer if you just leave them on.”  For T8 fluorescent lights this is true.  Fluorescent lights can last almost twice as long if you don’t turn them off1.  But if you think about it, leaving the lights on all the time doubling the life or turning the lights off 12 of every 24 hours  means the number of days the bulbs work is exactly the same.  More importantly, A huge part of the cost of lighting is the cost of the electricity to drive them.  In this case the cost of running the lights the whole time the store was unoccupied was over fourteen thousand dollars a year.

Teletrol addresses situations like this and keeps them from happening in the first place.  Teletrol sets up the lighting and HVAC schedules for your fleet of retail stores.  This is controlled from a central location so facility managers can easily set the lighting schedule remotely and ensure lights are only on when needed.  No more local electricians setting store energy strategies!  And even better Teletrol is specifically designed for retailers allowing quick and easy changing of hours and lighting schedules for changing seasons and special events.  It takes 5 minutes to update the schedules for all stores or just a select group of stores.

Our experience in looking at the operations of a number of retail stores is energy savings can be as high as 40% and pay for themselves within two years.  And this is without the added benefits of letting the store managers focus on selling and corporate staff being informed by the system where the critical issues are.  Teletrol makes it easy to see which stores are having issues and which ones are outperforming the rest.

If you are looking at installing LED lighting, interestingly, LED lifetime is not affected by turning them on and off.  In fact, LEDs enable a number of Teletrol’s advanced energy saving techniques.  We leverage sunlight and the easy on off and LEDs dimming capabilities to illuminate the store.  When the sun is shining in, the LEDs are slowly turned down and if a cloud shades the sun the lights are turned back up.  This greatly reduces energy usage and when combined with occupancy sensors and lighting schedules provides additional energy savings.

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